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Mushroom Spinach (2-3pax)

 Mince Pork 300g 
 Tofu x 1 (about 110g)
 Water chestnuts x 5
 Green beans x 1 tbsp
 Broccoli 300g
 Ginger x 2
Step A
3A Premium Autumn Graded  
    Black Bean Soy Sauce x 1 tbsp 
 Cornstarch x 1 tbsp  
 Egg x ½  
Step B
 Sugar x ½ spoon
 3A Rice wine x ½ spoon
 Broth x 2 cups
 3A Premium Autumn Graded  
    Black Bean Soy Sauce x 3 tbsp
1a) Wash the beans, tofu crumbled, water chestnuts
  b) Peeled, chopped, add mince meat and seasonings A to stir 
  c) Knead into balls (size as preferred).
2a) Put the meatballs into the pan to fry until golden brown  
  b) Picked them up and drain away the excess oil
  c)  Place them into the claypot to slow cook
  d) Add seasoning B and ginger and allow it to simmer with low 
      heat for 15 minutes.
  e) Boiled broccoli in a separate pot then serve them in a plate
  f) Picked the cooked meatball from the claypot and serve them 
     dry on the same plate, pour the sauce on top of the dish 
     to serve