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Mushroom Spinach (2-3pax)

 Pork belly 200g  
 Bamboo shoots 200g
 Dried mushrooms x 4
 Black fungus x 4, dried lily 50g
 Red chilli, garlic x 2
 3A Premium Black Bean Marinade Sauce 100ml
 Water 600ml
1a) Cut the bamboo shoots, red chilli into smaller sections
  b) Cut pork belly into cubes of small pieces 
  c) Soak fungus and mushrooms then cut them into slices 
      when soften, soak dried lilies then tie them into knots 
 2a) Pour 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil, sauté garlic, chilli, 
       then add all ingredients   
       and stir for about 5 minutes until cooked
   b) Add seasonings and continue cooking until all ingredients 
       are cooked