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Mushroom Spinach (2-3pax)

 Mushroom 150g,
 Fresh mushrooms 150g
 Spinach 200g 
 Black Bean Soy Sauce Paste x 3 tablespoons
 Wine x 1 teaspoon
 Sugar x ½ teaspoon
 Salt x ¼ teaspoon
 Water x 1 tablespoon
 Cornstarch x 1 teaspoon
1a) Wash the mushrooms and cut into smaller pieces
  b) Wash spinach and cut into sections, boiled and serve on 
      the plate when cooked
2a) Pour 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil into the pan and heat
  b) The mushroom, fresh mushrooms into the pan and stir 
       for 5 minutes until cooked
  c) Add seasoning when it’s almost done, and continue to fry
  d) When done, serve on top of spinach