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Century Egg Bitter Gourd
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Century Egg Bitter Gourd (2-3pax)

 Century egg x 2 
 Mince Pork
 Bitter gourd
 Red pepper 
 Ginger , Garlic,  Scallion
Step A (for aroma and seasoning)
 3A Premium Black Bean 40% Less Sodium Soy Sauce Paste x 2 tablespoons
 Cornstarch x ½ teaspoon
Step B
 FLS Black vinegar x 1 tablespoon
 A little sesame oil
 ½ teaspoon of sugar
1a) Cut bitter gourd into strips and parboil it till 80% cooked.
  b) Add a little seasoning from step A to marinate the meat
  c) Dice century eggs
2a) Stir fry the minced meat and red pepper,ginger,garlic 
and scallion in the pan for a while till 80% cooked.
  b) Add parboiled bitter gourd,diced century egg
and seasoning (step B) to the cooked dish and
stir well before serving.