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Seared Colour Roll

Seared Colour Roll (3-4pax)

 Asparagus x 6
 Pork Fillet x 6 (1cm thick)
 Carrot x ½ 
 Mushrooms x 3
 Leek x 6
 Chives
Step A
 Cornstarch x 1 tablespoon
 3A Premium 40% Lite Soy sauce x 2                 tablespoons
Step B
 3A Premium 40% Lite Soy sauce  x 3                 tablespoons
 Water x ½  cup

1a) Cut mushrooms into strips and asparagus, leeks into 
      sections, carrot into slices
  b) Boil all cut ingredients in 1a
  c) Marinate the fillet with step A seasoning 
  d) Wrap the boiled vegetables in the fillet and fasten with the chives
 2a) Add one tablespoon oil into the pot to heat
   b) Put the wrapped ingredient into the pot to pan fry till they 
       turn golden brown
   c) Add in seasoning in step B into the pot to boil the dish and 
       let it simmer