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Bamboo Black Fungus Fried Noodles(3-4pax)

 Sliced noodle x 200g
 Egg x 2
 Dried mushroom and  
     black fungus x 3
 Cabbage x 200g
 Carrots x 1/3  
 Lean pork 100g
 Vegetable oil x 1 tablespoon
 Stir fry infusion sauce
 White pepper 
 Sugar
1a) Wash the cabbage and cut into small pieces
  b) Shred the carrots 
  c) Soak the mushroom and fungus then cut into strips
  d) Beat the eggs
2a) Prepare hot water and cook the noodles till 80% cooked   
     (edge surface slightly transparent, not soft rot). 
  b) Fry the beaten eggs till it is 80% cooked
3a) Stir fry the radish, pork and add in the noodles when the 
      pork is half cooked
  b) Add black fungus and mushroom and continue to fry, 
      and add some water if it’s too dry.
  c) Add seasonings, and finally put in the cabbage, fried 
      scattered eggs and all other ingredients till cooking is