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Our Commitment

Each of our brands carry the hallmark value of superior quality: using selected finest ingredients, manufacturing under stringent methods & complying with the international food processes standard. Our innovative team of R&D works tirelessly to product development, seeing through every changing need of consumers & breaking into new tastes & varieties. The result is a wide range of quality Asian products with wholesome goodness & great taste extending from Asian delicacies, preserved fruits, fruit juices, candies to exotic culinary sauces, culinary pastes, curry pastes, canned foods, spreads and Biscuits.

Our management also ensures that our Quality Objectives are reviewed on a regular basis for continuous improvement. Our R & D Team is responsible for the implementation of the procedures within this system endeavour .

Sinhua Hock Kee is aided with direct manufacturing facilities in Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan and China, with the ability to meet the world's demand, handling hundreds of different products & packaging in the most efficient manner. For quality checks, the company applies international methods of quality assurance, such as the HACCP, to control all potential hazards on the food manufacturing process. All these has equipped Sinhua Hock Kee an excellent combination of efficient production and packaging methods that meet the highest standards.

With its robust quality control & manufacturing capabilities, every Sinhua Hock Kee product is an embodiment of unparallel quality of pleasurable enjoyment.

Sinhua Hock Kee has made its presence felt in a number of cities and countries. With rising demands for traditional Asian offerings as well as new products in international food and beverage categories, the company is stepping up its efforts in developing markets all over the world.

The company's intimate knowledge of Asia, South East Asia in particular where we are based - its taste, needs and culture – is deeply entrenched in its long and unique heritage. Now with its bold vision, modern style and disciplined management, Sinhua Hock kee is ready to scale greater heights in Asia, and around the world.

Over here, we always implement using the finest ingredients, advanced production methods and innovative research to ensure products are made to the highest quality.