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Our Values

Shared Values – Connecting people through partnership

In a world where it is all too easy to source, copy new products, processes, and technologies, true competitive advantage stems not just from organizational capabilities, but requires a corporate culture that is hard to imitate or reproduce. We believe that having a unique corporate culture is crucial to achieving the competitive advantage that leads to sustainable business success.

To achieve our vision of being the world’s leading company in Food & Beverage Market Distribution Provider, we consistently strive to live up to our corporate values, which reflect our unique culture and are reinforced in all aspects of our business. Our values guide our priorities and our behavior, inspiring us to deliver the best possible products/services to our clients and customers, and helping them to grow their businesses.

To be a leading Food & Beverage Company and Market Distribution Provider with a global reach, constant service offerings and operational efficiency.
To provide our customers high quality and best value products through the constant pursue of innovation, excellence and a touch of after sales support.

Core Values

Business Driven Innovation :
We fulfill our business driven with innovative products that improve people’s lives in small but meaningful ways

Unity :
Working as ONE and Think as ONE

Integrity :
Uphold the values and principles of Sinhua Hock Kee in every action and decision.

Trust :
 We believe that people work best when there is a foundation of trust and treat people seriously

Committment :
We take charge and look for results and outcomes.

Passion :
We stick to what we do best  and determined to be the best at doing what matters most.