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SHHK brand

One Company, A brand that signify our goal – establishing global network with innovative solutions

In 2006, Sinhua Hock Kee embarked on a restructuring initiative with the aim of establishing and repositioning Sinhua Hock Kee as a strong Food & Beverage Market Distribution Provider in Asia to differentiate us from the market. We are guided by one principle: To capitalise on our strengths: provide better products, solutions to customers needs, helping other companies and brands to grow their business in new or existing markets.

A brand is more than just a logo: It signifies goals and values. The Sinhua Hock Kee brand is a promise, to our clients and customers and to ourselves, to guide us in achieving our goals. In driving our clients' and customers' businesses, our brand and leadership in our business category promise focussed expertise and capabilities on the performance level, and that we keep this promise with passion. Our whole organization lives and breathes our clients' and customers' businesses and is enthusiastic to maximize their success.

The Unique SHHK logo- Symbolizing our Spirits

The SHHK unique logo has been our company's brand mark for over 30 years. It symbolizes our long heritage in Singapore where our Headquarter is based and how we do business. It also stands for Sinhua Hock Kee's enterprising spirit, passion and the unique combination of versatility and adaptability that are the core of the company. The Circle represent our goal to go around the globe with our services anywhere to present us as a Singapore company heritage.